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side gig

February 18, 2015

There is no money in anything just stay at home and think about the galaxy or exotic animals or dreams you had as a kid or a savings account or that middle class future your parents set you up for anything really that makes you smile but you’ll never actually tangibly get ahold of. Don’t mind the gaze of the cash cult followers who see that you haven’t been praying. Your unholiness is the only moral standing left.

The new apartments on gates are going to have an underground parking garage, he says, his arm perpetually stuck to his chest in a sling. He tried living in Mississippi for a few months after losing his apartment but came back. He said it was hard to get around on public transit. He’s always had a side gig. Selling jewlrey and scarves at a table on ralph. You have to have a side gig if you want to survive, he says. The south wasn’t for him but things are looking up because the apartments on gates are going to be really nice. The elevator opens right to your apartment.

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