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October 26, 2010

A soft light opens and Carly Berret walks casually forward and to the floor. She sits and gazes up into a perceptible sunlight. A soft song fills the atmosphere and she moves calmly yet deliberately. Three more dancers begin moving just off stage as she exits stage left. They all face across the room and move in unison, with arms or legs shifting directions all with an air of simplicity. They gradually move across the floor shifting in and out of unison as each one turns to face backward or go on to a separate phrase. The sound of airplanes comes careening from above and fades away. Their outfits are pale, brown, grey and blue, with shorts and straps, relaxed and overly large. They evoke images of young children of earlier decades and pilots when flying was adventurous. The movement becomes quicker and they take turns covering the space, finding each other and moving along. Until finally settling with the darkened room.

Did you feel a calm and perceptible atmosphere?

Were you drawn in to the sounds of planes overhead?

Did you see the dancers as children or as images of something else?

Are you awake?

Big Octopus
October 22nd, 2010
The Rover
New York, NY

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