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Déjà Vu (I Feel Like I’ve Been Here Before) – The LeeRoc Dance Project

October 14, 2010

A lone woman casually walks from stage right to the center of the floor. Wearing black, she clasps her hands behind her back, and slowly bends forward until her long hair, pulled into a pony tail, falls gracefully down her back. One at a time the rest of the dancers walk over, place themselves close to each other and repeat the movement. Each flash of falling hair seemingly drops on its own accord as Nicholas Shaneyfelt’s fingers nimbly dance across the piano keys to Mad Rush composed by Philip Glass.

Mad Rush – Philip Glass (Performed by Aleck Karis)

Later the dancers in little black dresses walk as a crowd going in various directions and constantly cut each other off. But among the walking figures, here and there, a dancer steps out and begins her short phrase, obscured every so often by the pedestrians, only to join them and become lost once more in the streams of bodies.

The dance continues with short segments of duos and trios but imperceptibly comes back once more to the walking mass. A familiar series of solo dance phrases emerges. Although it is difficult to really grasp in its entirety, there is the feeling that this exact moment has happened before in the dance. Before knowing for sure, the moment has already passed. As the music slows again, the dancers end their dancing in a discernibly similar formation as the beginning. Only this time, the torso begins bent over and the dancers rise one at a time to leave the stage walking backward. The last woman curls herself straight, looks at the audience and walks regressively to where she began as Nicholas strikes the last key.

Did you feel a sense of Déjà Vu while watching this dance?

Have you seen other dances which make use of a large number of dancers?

Do you see potential in these emerging choreographers?

How beautiful is Philip Glass’ music?

Perceptions Contemporary Dance Festival
September 18th, 2010
Manhattan Movement & Arts Center
New York, NY


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