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Game Point – Sara Hook Dances (2005)

September 21, 2010

Denise Posnak steps from down stage left toward center stage wearing yellow from head to toe. Anne Sexton’s gravely aged voice rasps from overhead with her well known poem, Her Kind.

Her Kind – Anne Sexton (text)

Basked in yellow light, her face and hands now glinting canary, Denise begins her dance. Standing, wobbling on one foot, she struggles to gain her balance. One wonders for only a short time of her technical ability. She finds her footing and now, fully grounded on her left leg, she circles her right foot in a long strikingly clear rond de jambe. Her toes reach for the space just inches from her physical length. She is strong yet awkward and unable to fully engage in her strength, a constant battle to find her root.

The Ambition Bird – Anne Sexton (text)

Her struggles begin to reach for the air with jumps and leaps and although she leaves the ground her breath is an audible gasp. She is not enjoying her flight but trying desperately to keep up with her own body. Then again, a calm attempt at another grounding. She is neither sufficiently able to engage with the air nor find a stable connection with the earth. Instead, she is trapped somewhere in between freedom and security.

Music Swims Back To Me – Anne Sexton (text)

As the dance comes to a close, Denise exhibits more and more of the bird she resembles. Her torso and head bobs up and down like the iconic top-hatted stork whose red watery insides control its drinking and later her hands flutter like small wings. Perhaps she is The Ambition Bird that Anne speaks of, keeping her up at night and which no hot cocoa can quell. A woman struggling against her societal role, rejected for rejecting, trapped in asylum, yet basked in a yellow light of ambition and listening to the swimming music, hoping desperately to come out above it all.

Have you seen other dances about the role of women?

Do you read poems by Anne Sexton or similar poets?

Have you felt this sense of desperation and hope based on your gender?

Does drinking hot cocoa help you fall asleep?

Audio was found here.

DanceNOW [NYC] Festival 2010
September 11th, 2010
Dance Theater Workshop
New York, NY

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